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Dearest YMCA community,

Earlier this week, I was walking out of the Y with a member who has been struggling with depression. I asked how she was doing and she said, “Thank god I’m working out every day. That is the one thing that is helping.”

I know she is not alone.

On May 3rd, 2018, the YMCA of Austin celebrated 65 years as an organization at its annual celebration dinner, Gather ‘Round.

Dear YMCA members and friends,

I am pleased to share with you two newly updated documents: our YMCA community standards and staff pledge.

Before you read those documents, I want to share with you the mission and meaning behind them.

May is Older Americans Month, and as a leading nonprofit dedicated to improving the nation’s health, the YMCA of Austin offers the following tips to encourage older adults to live healthier lives.  

“So many people are doing things against the odds with no guarantee whatsoever. I feel we are living through one of the most hopeful times we’ve ever had.”

Are you suffering from unbearable shoulder pain? Does it hurt when you reach over to the back seat?

This month we’d like to shine the spotlight on one of our specialty fitness classes, TRX® Suspension Training!

This class is taught by Arielle, and uses the unique TRX® training tool that allows you to use your own body weight and gravity as resistance.

This month, we would like to shine the spotlight on our specialty class, Ballet Fitness and the awesome instructor, Corinna!

February’s Featured Class:

We’ve got a lot of amazing exercise classes here at East Communities (more than 60 every week!). That’s a lot to keep track of!