Adaptive Gymnastics

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Ages 3 to 12

Adaptive Gymnastics is a parent-assisted class for children with a variety of abilities and needs. Parents assist their child in a fun and exciting gymnastics class. Several of the obstacle courses help stimulate problem solving and critical thinking. Activity will focus on strength and gross motor skills as well as providing a great social environment for both parent and child.

This program will teach participants confident and expressive movement. We will complete a variety of exercises to meet fitness goals. This program is designed for individuals with disabilities to be engaged in physical activity and positive socialization.

For individuals with disabilities that require minimal redirection from a volunteer. If an individual requires a hands-on volunteer, the family may need to provide said volunteer (parent, sibling, attendant, caregiver, etc.)

Adaptive Gymnastics

Adaptive gymnastics provides a positive environment for people of all skill levels to engage with others while being physically active. Adaptive sports improve the overall quality of life for those living with disabilities by reducing feelings of anxiety and depression, boosting mood and increased stamina. Our adaptive classes are a safe and fun environment for everyone to enjoy!

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For questions about our Adaptive and Inclusive opportunities, please contact Haley Tarase.

“The kids in our programs never cease to amaze me, and amaze themselves with what they can do. They build confidence and push themselves to new heights with every class.”

– Liz Kryznefski, YMCA Instructor