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Parent / Child Swimming

Shrimp - Ages 6-17 months: For our littlest swimmers, Shrimp is designed to introduce babies and parents to the aquatic environment. This class will help parents learn realistic developmental expectations, introduce basic aquatic safety to parent and child, and provide a fun and positive first experience in the water. Shrimp will help babies with basic motor skills, as well as introduce them to a water environment without fear. Skills include blowing bubbles, floating on front and back, kicking on front and back, social interaction through songs, and basic aquatic safety knowledge for parents. This is a fun class that will help prepare your child for future swim classes!

Kipper - Ages 18-29 months: Designed for children that are ready to learn basic swimming skills with parent accompaniment. Skills will include basic paddle stroke, kicking on front and back, floating on front and back, voluntary submersions, climbing into and out of the pool unassisted, jumping in from side of the pool, and safety tips for parents. A portion of each class will focus on parent independence. Your child will spend a little time with our instructor to ease the transition between parent/child classes and our preschool levels.

Perch - Ages 30-36 months: A new spin on Parent Child Classes! You and your child will participate together, but a little more time will be spent in a skill structure environment. All Pike skills will be introduced, while parents will help child become more comfortable in the water setting as instructors prepare them for independence. Skills presented include pool safety, appropriate class behavior, listening skills, independence from parent, as well as all the basics that are covered in Pike. Parents must participate, but the focus of class will be to get the child prepared for participation on their own.