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Adult Swimming

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Swimming saves lives, builds confidence and strengthens the body.  Adult swim classes include Terrified of Water, Masters Swim, Stroke Clinic and Arthritis Care. Swim lessons are offered year-round.

Classes are divided into ability groups and trained instructors emphasize personal safety, swimming skills, endurance and social skills while guiding students with praise and encouragement. 

Adult Swimming Classes Include:

Terrified of Water (TOW): Ages 13+: This class is designed for the adult beginner who may be timid about swimming or who has never swam in deep water. Class is self-paced and will work on basics such as floating, treading water, kicking, and basic paddle stroke. Instructors will help you work toward your own personal goal and will guide you in the areas in which you want to improve.

Beginner 2: This class is designed for adults who can swim at least 25 feet (about 1/3 of the length of the lap pool) on their own but would like to work on stroke technique. Focus is on the basics of freestyle and breaststroke. Swimmers will continue to work on endurance, confidence, and treading water. Ideal for those that are not afraid of the water but have never had any formal training.

Intermediate: For adults who can already swim 50 yards (1 lap) on their own. Focus on the development of strength and endurance as well as improving freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Stroke Clinic: For adult swimmers who can complete 100 yards on their own but would like to work on stroke analysis and specific training techniques.

Masters Swimming: Ages 18+: Masters offers structured, supervised swim workouts and stroke technique analysis. Great for fitness, fun, and an excellent triathlon training program. Average workouts are 3,000-4,200 yards. Sessions run monthly.

Aqua Fit: Medium to high intensity depending on class participants. Cardiovascular along with toning, flexibility, and abdominal work.

Arthritis Class: A nationally recognized program for mild water exercise and stretching, specifically for people with arthritis and limited ranges of motion.

Lifeguard Certification and Training: [node:59, title="Lifeguard Certification and Training"] is also available at your local YMCA of Austin branches.